Drumming is a cathartic release. Too often, "female drummers" are sidelined, mistaken for girlfriends or groupies, mansplained, marginalized, or dismissed. 

Recently, I joined the band Below Blackstar in Seattle. Check out the music below.

Below Blackstar

TomTom Magazine

I am currently an intern for TomTom Magazine, a drumming magazine by and for women (all inclusive) who drum, play percussion, and/or are in the music business. Gear, tips, tricks, and trade. 



Inspired by the Facebook group DrummerGirlsUnited created by Tammy Mitchell-Woods and the community of #womenwhorock, I was motivated to document my own drumming and #drumgoals through a 100 Day Practice Challenge. Comments are welcome in this safe sapce for women (womxn, womyn, LGBTQ-identified) who drum. 

drummer girl